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Just like the Marines...Be Prepared!

posted Oct 30, 2012, 2:18 PM by Lisa Walsh

To take control of your weight loss, be prepared with healthy food choices.  It’s easy to have a few non-perishable snacks packed in a lunch box to have when you start to feel that rumble in your belly.   Keep your snacks in the car for when you are feeling that your stomach is now doing the talking.  My number one rule to my personal training clients is to be PREPARED!  You don’t want to find yourself driving home from work with hunger pangs after complying with your diet all day.  That will lead to bingeing and poor food choices after your walk through the door.  Did you ever find yourself coming home from work then eating a snack, followed by another snack, followed by picking at the food while making dinner, and finally, eating dinner?  It turns out you have just eaten for two straight hours!  BE PREPARED!  Stock your lunch box with snack foods such as almonds, turkey jerky, and apples.   To see more healthy selections to keep your lunch box well stocked, take a look at this article.